Pilates for Wellness

At Blue Sky, there is a state-of-the-art Pilates studio, which includes 4 PPS units (combination Reformer and Tower), a Cadillac, 4 PPV Chairs, and a Ladder Barrel. In addition to this equipment, many props, such as rings, foam rollers, and balls will be utilized.

Blue Sky has created a safe and affordable environment for people to get fit and healthy. All 3 of our certified Pilates instructors are also Physical Therapists. Prior to beginning any Pilates program, an evaluation will be performed by a physical therapist to ensure the safety of each client. The Pilates studio at Blue Sky creates a safe and comfortable environment for people with chronic pain or dysfunction to exercise and get strong.

Blue Sky offers 50-minute private sessions, semi-private (2 people), and classes (4-people). Blue Sky requires all clients to complete at least 3 private Pilates sessions prior to starting a group class. This is for the clients’ safety, as well as to keep classes fun for all participants. Listed below, is the pricing for the different Pilates options:

Private Session: $70
* 5 Sessions: $325
* 10 Sessions: $600

Semi-Private Session (2 Individuals): $40 per person for 1 session
* 5 Sessions: $180
* 10 Sessions: $325

Group Classes (4 Individuals): $25 per person for 1 session
* 5 Sessions: $115
* 10 Sessions: $200

Introduction to Pilates Package: $330
* 3 Private Pilates sessions
* 7 Pilates classes

Blue Sky Physical Therapy
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