Physical Therapy

Our therapists offer one-on-one, hands-on therapy to their patients. Blue Sky Physical Therapy does not employ any techs, aides, or assistants. Every patient gets a 1-hour initial evaluation and 30-minute follow-up sessions. The therapists specialize primarily in manual therapy to joints, soft tissue and neural tissue. They focus on re-training of the neuro-muscular connection to allow for proper, pain-free function.

At Blue Sky PT, a wide range of dysfunctions are treated. These include, but are not limited to, low back pain, whiplash injuries, chronic headaches or pain, post-surgical rehab, rotator cuff dysfunction, arthritis-created pain, gait dysfunction, balance disorders and many more.

Physical Therapy can benefit a wide range of people, from professional athletes to professional “couch potatoes”. Most people deal with some type of pain, weakness or loss of function. However minor it might appear, quality of life can be enhanced with proper physical therapy treatment.

Blue Sky Physical Therapy
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