Blue Sky Physical Therapy

We are Blue Sky.
Physical therapists Jennifer Lane, Karen Lewis and Hillary Joseph, with thirty collective years in healthcare and wellness, have worked as a team since 2005. With
a shared passion to help others, they have created Blue Sky Physical Therapy to guide a wide range of patients through recovery and into wellness.


Our Mission.
Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate and comprehensive care to all patients through expert and effective therapy methods. We will motivate and direct each patient to achieve mutually established therapy goals in a safe, professional and fun environment.

At the core of the Blue Sky Physical Therapy practice lies a steadfast commitment to create individual treatment plans that help patients do more than just recover from injury.


Our Methods.
Blue Sky’s therapists use a variety of manual therapy techniques to treat all major orthopedic dysfunctions, balance deficits, neurologic disorders, chronic pain, and a broad spectrum of other injuries. We utilize neuromuscular re-education and training, Pilates, core stabilization, massage therapy and other therapeutic procedures to improve function, promote healing and enhance each patient’s wellbeing.

Expert Qualifications.
Each Blue Sky therapist has a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy with a strong manual therapy background and has completed an extensive list of continuing education courses in order to reach the top of their profession and utilize cutting edge techniques.

Each therapist is also a Certified Pilates Instructor. By combining physical therapy methods with Pilates during rehabilitation, our patients not only recover stronger and faster from their initial injury, but they learn how to maintain those benefits and prevent re-injury.

Very Personal Attention.
Blue Sky does not employ any aides, assistants or techs. Initial appointments are scheduled for one hour, with follow-up visits 30-40 minutes in length. Each patient receives the therapist’s undivided attention for the entire duration of the appointment.

Blue Sky Physical Therapy
155 S. Madison Street, Suite 303, Denver, CO, 80209, Tel 303-388-1537 Fax 303-388-4470